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Credit Recovery Options

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Online Credit Recovery Program

Academic learning loss has led to unprecedented levels of need for learning and credit recovery. IVSA offers a full catalog of online credit recovery options for all Illinois high school graduation requirements. Our credit recovery options are provided by Illinois licensed and certified educators and offer personalized paths to student success. 

Credit recovery courses are available for students in 9-12th grade and are designed for students who need to recover credit due to a previously failed course.

All courses are fully aligned to Illinois State Learning Standards, but are NOT NCAA approved. The NCAA does not approve courses which are prescriptive in nature.

Prescriptive courses allow students to ‘test-out’ of previously mastered material if they prove mastery via a pretest. If a student passes a unit level pretest, they can move on to the next unit, if not, if the pretest is not passed, the student must complete the unit material including the unit exam.

Credit recovery courses are asynchronous which means that students are not online live with their teacher but work through lessons at their own pace. Lessons include multiple models of delivery of content, quizzes & tests.

Teachers facilitate completion of credit recovery but do not provide instructional support. IVSA works with the local school to provide any additional support, however, students with IEP/504 plans who require accommodations are encouraged to take Original Credit courses.