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We are proud to offer an Illinois based and ISBE approved online and virtual school option for schools and families across the state. We go beyond the online course to offer an engaging, applied learning experience.

IVSA District and School Solutions

If your school or district is looking to set up a virtual option for your students, we can help. We have provided online and virtual learning options for students in Illinois for over 20 years. Let us help you design a custom program for your district that will ensure that your students remain in your district, while receiving a quality virtual learning option. Our design services are offered at no cost, and our model helps you realize significant savings for your district, while providing superior online learning options to your students.

Partnering with IVSA

The first step to partner with IVSA is to complete the IVSA Partner Agreement.

This form includes roles and responsibilities and asks you to provide us with your school contacts. Once we receive this, we will create your instance in our Student Information System so that students may be enrolled. There is no financial obligation to signing this agreement with us.